Mercy for America’s Children

After a month and a half of flaky communication with an agency I won’t name, I was feeling a little discouraged about the adoption process until I came across a local news article about Mercy for America’s Children in February.

I sent an email that afternoon –  the response came within six minutes and was so enthusiastic I knew I’d found the right path for us to be on. Pam and her husband Mac formed the organization after adopting two boys through the US foster care system. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about foster care adoption.  After several emails back and forth we met with her at her home to discuss adoption further.  While we were there, Mark saw a picture of her family and realized that not only had he worked with her husband, but that he remembered Mac talking about the boys when they were going through the adoption process. Kismet!

Mercy for America’s Children is not an adoption agency, but its a wonderful and much needed resource for people trying to navigate the foster care system. They are huge advocates for the children in foster care, and even host several large events for the children in foster care in NC.

Unfortunately, the agency they work the closest with, Children’s Home Society of NC only works with couples who have been married at least one year (or have at least one year from any major life changing event) Considering Mark and I have been together for three and a half years, lived together for at least 2/3s of our relationship, traveled together, bought a car together, and now will have bought a house together BEFORE getting married, I’m pretty sure we have a good idea of our relationship and the only change will be our tax status and an extra ring on my finger… but alas, rules are rules. We’re trying to find another agency who will work with us, or we will go directly through the state if necessary (but apparently that isn’t ideal) but for now we’ve been invited to come and join the monthly adoption support group and we plan to do some volunteer work with Mercy for America’s Children as well!  I will certainly jump on any opportunity that will help us down this crazy path and lead to more and more doors opening!


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