Day Two

Day two began at 6:30am, despite a late bedtime last night and an apparent late night migration that resulted in Little Man in his sisters’ room.

Mark was working most of the day which meant flying solo with the kids… to the neighborhood playground, library, and McDonalds for an easy lunch and lots more play time.

Other than a mild moment/ meltdown at the library (Sorry six year old, but I don’t think ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ is a good book to get for you) the kids were pretty good.

Bubbles, sock skating on the hardwood floors, Mousetrap, and walking the dogs was all a big hit.

A couple of fresh baked cookies and piling up on the couch for Wreck It Ralph finished out the night.

Bedtime went a lot more smoothly tonight because all three kids decided to sleep together in a big pop up tent in one of their bedrooms. Every blanket and pillow from their rooms – as well as a few extra ones – got piled inside. It’s actually quite cozy looking AND they all fell asleep almost instantly!

The highlight though, was finding this note Little Sis wrote on the shower wall in yellow bath crayon when I went to give Little Man his bath. {I love your dogs and you(r) house}



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