Day Three

Got to ‘sleep in’ until 7:30a when two of the kids got up… the other one took her time and slept even later! Letting them sleep in the pop up tent may be the best thing we’ve done.

I’m dreading the inevitable awkward conversation when one of the kids tells their social worker that they ‘sleep in a tent’ and I have to explain that they do have beds but I had no objection when they wanted to do it again tonight. They seem to sleep a lot better.

Mark ran out to the store this morning for pancake supplies (or, as Little Man calls them, pannycakes) so that was a big hit.

After breakfast we all headed down to the park for a bit. Big Sis almost went down the slide, which is closer than she got yesterday, so maybe by next weekend she’ll tackle it. She sat at the top but was still afraid to go down.

After we got back and the kids had some easy mac we worked on house rules and chore ideas. They definitely had more ideas than us, many of which clearly came for school based on the verbiage (ie- “using safe bodies”)

Some yardwork earned them a trip to FiveBelow where they could each pick out a poster and then got another $5 to spend. Two FROZEN posters, a Skylander poster, two bow and arrow sets and a set of FROZEN stick on fingernails and we were set!

Then we went to Target for JUST lunch boxes and managed to get in and out without issue! The only extra thing was a luggage tag for each because the girls picked the same lunch box.

The kids LOOOOOVE fruit. Today alone they killed off almost all of a big bag of clementines (7 are left), an entire box of strawberries, half a box each of raspberries, blue berries, & blackberries, two bananas, half a pineapple fruit cup, and 1/3 a bag of grapes.


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