an eight year old’s perspective on dating

Little Sis:  “Can I have another sleepover, but with someone other than [friend who has slept over before]? Me:  “Who do you have in mind?” Little Sis:  “[boy in her after school program]” Me:  “Ummmm… no. Sorry. Maybe he can come hang out and have dinner, but no boy-girl sleepovers.” Little Sis:  “Having dinner with […]

Its ours!

We don’t have the keys yet (we expect to close by the end of March at the latest) but the builder accepted our offer! The builder even agreed to add a back door off the den/office and build a deck which we are super excited about.  The house currently only has the front door and […]


Hi there. Welcome to our little corner of the internet. We’re a newly engaged couple who are planning on getting married, buying a house, and adopting a child through the US Foster Care system! We’re super excited about the journey and have the support of some amazing family and friends. Stay tuned! – Michelle & […]