an eight year old’s perspective on dating

Little Sis:  “Can I have another sleepover, but with someone other than [friend who has slept over before]?

Me:  “Who do you have in mind?”

Little Sis:  “[boy in her after school program]”

Me:  “Ummmm… no. Sorry. Maybe he can come hang out and have dinner, but no boy-girl sleepovers.”

Little Sis:  “Having dinner with a boy is weird… that’s like a date”


Day Three

Got to ‘sleep in’ until 7:30a when two of the kids got up… the other one took her time and slept even later! Letting them sleep in the pop up tent may be the best thing we’ve done.

I’m dreading the inevitable awkward conversation when one of the kids tells their social worker that they ‘sleep in a tent’ and I have to explain that they do have beds but I had no objection when they wanted to do it again tonight. They seem to sleep a lot better.

Mark ran out to the store this morning for pancake supplies (or, as Little Man calls them, pannycakes) so that was a big hit.

After breakfast we all headed down to the park for a bit. Big Sis almost went down the slide, which is closer than she got yesterday, so maybe by next weekend she’ll tackle it. She sat at the top but was still afraid to go down.

After we got back and the kids had some easy mac we worked on house rules and chore ideas. They definitely had more ideas than us, many of which clearly came for school based on the verbiage (ie- “using safe bodies”)

Some yardwork earned them a trip to FiveBelow where they could each pick out a poster and then got another $5 to spend. Two FROZEN posters, a Skylander poster, two bow and arrow sets and a set of FROZEN stick on fingernails and we were set!

Then we went to Target for JUST lunch boxes and managed to get in and out without issue! The only extra thing was a luggage tag for each because the girls picked the same lunch box.

The kids LOOOOOVE fruit. Today alone they killed off almost all of a big bag of clementines (7 are left), an entire box of strawberries, half a box each of raspberries, blue berries, & blackberries, two bananas, half a pineapple fruit cup, and 1/3 a bag of grapes.

Day Two

Day two began at 6:30am, despite a late bedtime last night and an apparent late night migration that resulted in Little Man in his sisters’ room.

Mark was working most of the day which meant flying solo with the kids… to the neighborhood playground, library, and McDonalds for an easy lunch and lots more play time.

Other than a mild moment/ meltdown at the library (Sorry six year old, but I don’t think ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ is a good book to get for you) the kids were pretty good.

Bubbles, sock skating on the hardwood floors, Mousetrap, and walking the dogs was all a big hit.

A couple of fresh baked cookies and piling up on the couch for Wreck It Ralph finished out the night.

Bedtime went a lot more smoothly tonight because all three kids decided to sleep together in a big pop up tent in one of their bedrooms. Every blanket and pillow from their rooms – as well as a few extra ones – got piled inside. It’s actually quite cozy looking AND they all fell asleep almost instantly!

The highlight though, was finding this note Little Sis wrote on the shower wall in yellow bath crayon when I went to give Little Man his bath. {I love your dogs and you(r) house}


Mercy for America’s Children

After a month and a half of flaky communication with an agency I won’t name, I was feeling a little discouraged about the adoption process until I came across a local news article about Mercy for America’s Children in February.

I sent an email that afternoon –  the response came within six minutes and was so enthusiastic I knew I’d found the right path for us to be on. Pam and her husband Mac formed the organization after adopting two boys through the US foster care system. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about foster care adoption.  After several emails back and forth we met with her at her home to discuss adoption further.  While we were there, Mark saw a picture of her family and realized that not only had he worked with her husband, but that he remembered Mac talking about the boys when they were going through the adoption process. Kismet!

Mercy for America’s Children is not an adoption agency, but its a wonderful and much needed resource for people trying to navigate the foster care system. They are huge advocates for the children in foster care, and even host several large events for the children in foster care in NC.

Unfortunately, the agency they work the closest with, Children’s Home Society of NC only works with couples who have been married at least one year (or have at least one year from any major life changing event) Considering Mark and I have been together for three and a half years, lived together for at least 2/3s of our relationship, traveled together, bought a car together, and now will have bought a house together BEFORE getting married, I’m pretty sure we have a good idea of our relationship and the only change will be our tax status and an extra ring on my finger… but alas, rules are rules. We’re trying to find another agency who will work with us, or we will go directly through the state if necessary (but apparently that isn’t ideal) but for now we’ve been invited to come and join the monthly adoption support group and we plan to do some volunteer work with Mercy for America’s Children as well!  I will certainly jump on any opportunity that will help us down this crazy path and lead to more and more doors opening!

Its ours!

We don’t have the keys yet (we expect to close by the end of March at the latest) but the builder accepted our offer!

The builder even agreed to add a back door off the den/office and build a deck which we are super excited about.  The house currently only has the front door and a side door off the kitchen, and putting the fence in front of the side door wasn’t really an option, so we’re thrilled that we’ll have easy backyard access for the dogs so they can run until their legs fall off and chase squirrels to their heart’s content!

We can’t wait to move in!

The hunt is over…. we hope!

After months of looking online checking out a few in person, including a 1950s bungalow and 1920s farmhouse, we have fallen in love with a home!


It’s built by Builders of Hope which means it is a totally green home! Although it is considered new construction, part of the house is actually recycled from another house that would have been torn down. Builders of Hope salvages houses being demolished for new development and uses them to form brand new neighborhoods.

From Builders of Hope‘s website: Not only are our homes environmentally friendly, but they are built to be more affordable in the long-term. This means you’ll pay lower utility bills each month. Builders of Hope is a national authority on Extreme Green Rehab and uses a number of cutting edge green techniques in the construction of its homes including spray foam insulation, low to no VOC paints and adhesives, rain barrels for irrigation, and energy-efficient windows.  Our homes feature hardwood and tile floors, large front porches, brand new kitchens, custom cabinetry, superior indoor air quality, Energy Star appliances, and drought-tolerant landscaping.

The house is a little higher than our initial budget, but we’d be getting way more bang for our buck than any other home we’ve looked at and we’d be only a 15 minute walk to Downtown Fuquay-Varina!  There is also a brand new park/playground that was just built about a block away and we found out last night that the sketchy boarded up building around the corner will be turned into a community center in the future. The neighborhood is a little rough around the edges but we’re excited to get a little slice of an up-and-coming area while prices are still low!

Fingers crossed!


Hi there.

Welcome to our little corner of the internet.

We’re a newly engaged couple who are planning on getting married, buying a house, and adopting a child through the US Foster Care system!

We’re super excited about the journey and have the support of some amazing family and friends.

Stay tuned!
– Michelle & Mark